Great Fire of London


London’s Burning!



As part of Year Two's “Flames and Fevers” topic, the children learnt about the week of The Fire of London. We looked at the events causing the fire and used a timeline to plot them and develop a sense of history. For our CLOOS project, the children made a Pudding Lane house: they researched carefully to ensure their houses were an accurate replica. 


On a dry, sunny winter’s day the children carried their houses proudly onto the playground. We lined them up to represent how close the houses were back in 1666. We stood back and watched with awe as the bakery was set alight.






The embers danced from the roof and lit the surrounding houses. Soon the flames had engulfed most of our houses. The flames grew higher as the wind carried the embers further down the street. The bakery had simmered and was now nothing but a pile of ash! The flames reached the end of the street and we stood watching the houses collapse. One by one they fell to the ground, leaving nothing but a smouldering pile of ash. The children experienced real emotion as their creations were destroyed. An incredible experience that we will never forget!