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Y2 visit to Peterborough Cathedral

Year 2 had a wonderful trip to Peterborough Cathedral this week, which linked with our learning about Henry VIII and his links to Peterborough.  The children had a brilliant time learning about the lives of the monks who lived at Peterborough Abbey.  They took on the different roles monks would have had for example, cleaning, cooking, looking after the sick and singing.  We learnt about Abbot Kirkton and his naughty monks before John Chambers become the first bishop when Henry VIII made it a cathedral.

Children also created their own illuminated manuscripts using swan feather quills and beautiful collages of the cathedral using contrasting colours.  Here are some of the children's comments:

"I really enjoyed making the patterns using crayons and ink." - Jarmaine

"I loved writing with a quill and colouring around the sheet." - Iliana

"I thought writing with a feather was fun because it was my first time." - Chinenye

"I liked painting." - Aiden

"I enjoyed making a collage of the cathedral." - Michael

They also had the opportunity to learn more about Catherine of Aragon when we visited her grave. We also learnt what a pomegranate looks like- it’s not an apple or an onion!