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Trip to Duxford Imperial War Museum

World War II History Trip for Year 5 Students

Year 5 had a fun, educational trip exploring Duxford War museum. The children visited a range of hangers, which all contained a variety of aircrafts and sections of interesting memorabilia from World War 2. One area of particular interest was seeing how the mules were used in WW2, which linked beautifully to our current guided reading text (Now or Never). They really enjoyed climbing aboard some of the aircraft, including the world record holding Concorde! All staff working with the children on the day commented on the children's positive behaviour and enthusiasm towards their learning. Everyone had a very enjoyable day and we look forward to using this experience to support further learning in the classroom.

Kenna - I enjoyed hanger 8 because we looked at different tanks and how the hangers were realistic. My favourite part was watching the hurricane take off from the Duxford Airfield and hearing the planes take off throughout the day. 

Kian - I liked the Sunderland flying boat because my great grandad flew it during WW2 and I liked the Land Warfare because I saw a missile on top of a jeep. I loved how interactive it was! We got to dress up as evacuees and put on some gas masks and explored the inside of some planes.