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Sports Week 2024

Pupils Aim High in Sports Week

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the children for sticking to our CARE values during Sports Week! They showed respect to all our visitors, who were incredibly positive about the children.

The students in Years 4 and 5 aimed high (literally!). Climbing a variety of climbing walls, including an "ice" wall - maybe one of our students will achieve the heights of Mount Everest one day! 

Year 6 took part in archery lessons led by Nene Outdoors; they must have been on target as none of the teachers' parked cars were harmed by stray arrows! 

Once again, Evolution TKD provided Taekwondo lessons for our Year 3 classes.  David told me they were impeccably behaved and well-disciplined - what a success! 

Dance Days provided dance lessons for Reception, Year 2 and Year 6. The children were incredible dancers. We hear the boys in Year 6 were fully engaged in the routines and our smaller children followed the steps almost perfectly. Darren was impressed and hopes to come back next year to teach us some new moves. 

Our partnership with YDP continues to grow and they provided a bouncy assault course to be enjoyed by Nursery, Year 1 and Year 2.  We have never seen happier (and more competitive) children! The respect for each other's space and embracing the challenge of climbing and rolling was exhibited by all. 

Finally, we rounded off the week by meeting Tully Kearney and Reynold Banigo from Team GB. The children were taught about diet, exercise and what it means to be a competitive athlete. They also enjoyed an athlete-led PE lesson.  Most importantly, embracing challenges, they know that you cannot win everything, but you keep trying! We hope to see this attitude in our Sports Days.

Tully is competing in the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris; we hope to see Reynold there too! Please do lend your support to GB this year in the Olympics. There are many sports, including Taekwondo - who knows one may inspire you to embrace the challenge of a new sport!

Mrs Gunn