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Accelerated Reader

Old Fletton Primary School uses a reading programme called Accelerated Reader, which is primarily a scheme that enables children to read real books in a structured focused way. Eliminating the old fashioned view of a ‘Free Reader’ It ensures a balance of quality, rich texts with a focus on comprehension and vocabulary. It is an online assessment tool that promotes improving attitudes towards reading and reading ability.

Initially a test is taken which gives each child a reading age and a reading level.  Children are then able to choose from the many books in school within their level and use the programme to complete a quiz. The results enable teachers and parents to monitor and manage independent reading practice as well as motivating children to read for pleasure.

Children are expected to read every night at home and then complete at least 2 quizzes every week, but often many children will want to quiz every day. Awards are given during celebration assemblies to the children who complete the most quizzes, with high pass rates.

Research has shown children who use Accelerated Reader enjoy reading, read frequently and think more positively.