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Breadth of Reading

Ensuring the children experience quality texts for as many aspects of the curriculum as possible

At Old Fletton Primary School we believe that alongside the teaching of explicit reading skills it is imperative that the children have access to quality texts that enrich the whole curriculum - broadening their knowledge base and enabling a deeper understanding of the world. We do this by:

  1. Texts available to support the theme of the block
  2. Project X Comprehension Express is used in guided reading for Years 4-6 that has age appropriate extracts and short texts that link to the National Curriculum subjects 
  3. Accelerated Reader Scheme incorporates levelled non fiction texts
  4. Most classes celebrate theme books outside of their classrooms 
  5. ’Child Choice’ during Week 7 of our teaching is linked to theme books and book clubs
  6. Guided reading in weeks 1-3 is linked to the theme and includes links to their writing outcomes
  7. Poetry is planned for in Week 8 for every block