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FReSH Committee

FReSH - finance, resources and safety & health

This committee supports and challenges the Headteacher to ensure the school maintains the highest standard of provision through targeted use of funding to positively impact on outcomes. Time is spent examining the school’s finances, ensuring that there is adequate money to meet the school’s basic needs and aid its improvement. There is an opportunity to think strategically about the work of the school as well as monitoring the more day to day expenditure (this safeguards everyone from any potential financial irregularities).  The school’s values of CARE are enhanced at this committee by ensuring we offer a safe and secure environment, which at times can be challenging with a building over 100 years old. The committee benchmarks the expenditure of the school against other schools and monitors the headteacher is meeting health and safety requirements. Staffing is a priority for the committee, reviewing pay, structures and impact of these decisions on school outcomes.